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Expand your OT Possibilities with the first 3D Printing Service


Orthoses 3D Printing

We manufacture for you 3D printing orthoses. Reduce your business workload and use our service manufacture of popular supplies.

You want to get more intensely into 3D printing?

Use our expertise, and develop – together with us – innovative OT solutions, or let us prepare your final designs.

3D-Printing: Experience the Benefits of Technology

Freely selectable material thickness

No more compromises. Material thicknesses can freely and selectively be planned, and thus improve the aids’ effect.

Adaptabel standard parts

All options for integration of standard and specific joints, closures etc.

Breathable perforations

Perforations integrated into the orthosis ensure perfect air exchange and ideal body temperature. Increased compliance supports prolonged wear and better results from the orthosis.

Reproducible quality

Once manufactured in 3D printing, the respective orthosis or prosthesis can be reproduced anytime in the same quality.

Leeway for innovation

In addtion to our standards, we offer you complete freedom for very complex or demanding detail designs as well. You have your own ideas abour innovative products? Let’s talk about.

plus medica OT Service Manufacture: Take the easy way out

Manage care products

Manage care products

You create a model as usual and mark it directly on the plaster – a few marks is all we need for the shape of the orthosis.

Send in plaster or scans

Send in plaster or scans

Send us your plaster model and the order form by mail; or send us a 3D scan of the model via order form link.

plus medica OT 3D printing

plus medica OT 3D printing

Based on the model, we create your 3D printing product.

Product shipping

Product shipping

For the final steps, you will receive your product by mail.



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